Ahhhhhhh, Plumeria or Frangipani the delicate fragrant scent of the islands….

This has been the most amazing summer here in Redondo Beach, CA!!!!

An actual summer with lots of warm sunny days and little coastal fog.

4 of my plumeria trees are

Rasberry and Copper Silk Devore Shawl
Art Nouveu Design

blooming and as well as different colors of ginger.

The ocean surrounding me and the colors in my garden are a visual feast and inspire my hand painted silk wraps.

Plumeria Pink Silk Devore Scarf

Saphire Blue with Brass
Silk Devore Shawl

Silk can be worn year round…cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They travel well just roll them up and take them on a cruise, on a flight or just wear them anywhere.  Boho to Broadway!!!

My scarves are being worn in Hawaii and California as well as diverse other countries such as Austrailia, Germany,Sweden and the  UK!

ps……I’m still learning about posting, uploading etc……hopefully I’ll get better at this. Cr, and my blog will come together…stay tuned!!!!

pss- thank you all for your comments, I love them…..

Thanks- Susan